10 Free Vintage And Hipster Logo Sets

Vintage, retro or classic style of logos (or badges, if you prefer) are very popular at the moment, with many designers using them to create their personal branding and others are using them for creating the logos for coffee shops, restaurants or online apparel stores.

These ten sets contains totally 51 single logos or badge template usually in AI format.

Hopefully, this collection of free vintage logo kits will give you some inspiration that can be put to good use in your own design work.

You can find more free vectors on the stockio.

10 Best Free Bootstrap HTML Templates

As an HTML5 and CSS3 framework, Bootstrap is a starting point in the development of apps and websites. As Bootstrap lovers, we have decided to equip you with the finest of this framework’s breed.

Below you’ll find 10 free HTML Bootstrap templates for giving your site a fresh new start. Go ahead, start building up the grounds for your new web house.

10 Professional Resume Templates to Help You Land New Job

Whoever said that first impression lasts totally hit the nail on the head.

In the harsh business world, the first impression is quite often a second that either lands you a dream job or a generic refusal letter. However, that second rarely has to do anything with your body (or verbal) language. On the contrary, the first impression in the employment zone is, in most cases, a piece of paper.

Its majesty – resume.

Though it's relevant for every type of profession, an impressive resume acts as the strongest tool for landing “that new” job in the creative industries. And what better way to impress a future employer than with a uniquely designed resume which shouts that you’re the person for the job?
Below you'll find ten templates that will either inspire you or equip you with a material for presenting yourself in the best possible way. You're welcome.

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