10 Best Free Bootstrap HTML Templates

As an HTML5 and CSS3 framework, Bootstrap is a starting point in the development of apps and websites. As Bootstrap lovers, we have decided to equip you with the finest of this framework’s breed.

Below you’ll find 10 free HTML Bootstrap templates for giving your site a fresh new start. Go ahead, start building up the grounds for your new web house.

1. Corlate


Whether your business website desperately needs a fresh makeover or you’re simply feeling like broadcasting all of your professional talents to the whole wide world of Internet, Corlate is a website where all these needs and wishes are to be fulfilled. Apart from being totally free, it’s also fully responsive and super easy to customize.

The fact that it’s fully responsive goes for saying that it’s user-friendly regardless of the resolution and devices it meets on its way. Corlate comes with its very own bootstrap carousel slider, as well as short codes, thus allowing you to easily create Accordion slides, Tabs, Pricing Table and even Gallery. What’s more, the template is equipped with the powerful Twitter bootstrap framework.

Essentially, Corlate fights all of your business battles in the lightweight category.

And it wins each and every cause it’s super-fast in the HTML ring.


2. Stylish Portfolio

Stylish Portfolio

A one-page Bootstrap template, Stylish Portfolio is exactly what its name dictates. It does have style and it is an ideal portfolio case due to the fact that it provides smooth scrolling throughout the content sections.

The responsive navigation was developed in the minimalist style with the off-canvas navigation menu, which features two custom toggle buttons. The image gallery with fluid rows and columns, commonly referred to as image grid, ought to be blamed for the portfolio character of the template, whereas jQuery, the most popular cross-platform library of Java Script, is guilty of smooth page scrolling.

Vertically centered text comes with a full-page background image, with call to action and services sections embellishing the view. And if that wasn’t enough to make you press the download button, Stylish Portfolio is powered by a footer that gives a very happy end to the smooth page scrolling with integrated Google Maps and social icons


3. Piccolo Bootstrap HTML Theme

Piccolo Bootstrap HTML Theme

Whether the person who stands behind this template had Dragon Ball’s Piccolo on mind whilst sculpting the theme’s design – we can’t tell. But, that there’s a similarity in terms of the design approach between the two, especially in relation to the comic elements – that we are ready to vouch for.

La nouvelle manga or not, Piccolo is a standalone bootstrap template that undoubtedly offers a simple, yet effective design, whilst putting forth a slightly grunge background. Totally free and fully responsive, Piccolo includes 19 different page layouts, with each being equipped with various distinct features, such as sortable galleries, sliders, alerts, icons, lightbox pop-ups etc


4. Layla


Layla, you got us on our knees. Layla, we’re begging, darling, please. Though it might not be the king of coming-soon templates in the kingdom of freebies, as the template’s creators emphasize, it’s definitely somewhere in the range of the greatest.

Built with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, this bootstrap 3 template features a full-width video background header designed in a rather unique fashion. With a modern allure, Layla is 100% customizable, which goes for saying that you can make Layla the woman of your dreams, with the prettiest user interface your eyes have ever seen. Layla is a cross-browser compatible template, with a strong focus on usability and user experience design. What else?

Oh, yeah, Google Fonts and Font Awesome Icon have been integrated, thus giving you a plenty of open-source space for optimizing the typography. Finally, the coding is well organized and commented and on top of all that, the template is SEO optimized.


5. La Casa

La Casa

Mi casa es su casa, amigo.

If you’re not in the real estate business, that is. In that case, my house is yours only if and when you pay for it. And if the pay is lucrative. In the words of a renowned industrialist Andrew Carnegie, more money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. What he went on to say was that 90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.

But, if you’re making the first steps in the real money industry, your pockets are certainly not brimming with cash and you’re struggling to make a name for yourself. And when one thinks of making a name for oneself in the 21st century, one thinks of PR-ing oneself through all channels, with the inevitable form of communication being website.

That’s where La Casa jumps in. Without investing any money, you can get a fully responsive template for putting the word of your real estate business out there. Well organized and fully layered, it drives its allure from clean and eye-catching design that lifts the ball for your game. With the elementary knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, you can easily turn La Casa into Tu Casa.


6. Notify


Unlike Facebook notifications, which often come down to annoying friends sending game requests, this notification is the one you actually want to get. Like Layla, it’s a coming soon template, which goes for saying that it’s a handy web tool for announcing the launch of your new website and collecting the emails of your existing website visitors so you could notify them when the new site comes to the broad day light of the web.

With its beauty flourishing from the vivid colors, Notify features splendid features that add to the anticipation moment. Circle countdown and background image slider are the ones that take the “coming soon” mood to the highest excitement level. Nonetheless, mail-chimp Ajax subscription form and static background image play their part in making the “coming” a wholesome story.
You’ve been notified.


7. Passion


To ensure a successful email campaign, what you'll need is an appealing design and a responsive template that will get your message across in all screen sizes. With Passion, you can get both. Multiple-purposes email template, Passion is just as its name implies - alluring and almost contagious. Since it's a fully responsive HTML template, Passion fits every size and every mobile device like a glove.

With a blog, quote and gallery section, Passion is a table-based theme featuring a modular and easy-to-sort layout. When it comes to the HTML source code, it's well organized and commented, which makes the customization super easy. On top of that, the theme package includes a fully-layered and editable PSD file.


8. Lonely


As a single-page template, Lonely is a rather plain template primarily envisioned as a personal website. Though the presence of scrolling and animation add a certain dynamic, Lonely is an overall static web space ideal for sharing short, yet meaningful stories.

Therefore, if HTML and Bootstrap are still a lot like code words to you, Lonely is the place where you should get your web story going. Due to its simplicity, Lonely will allow you to slowly get the grip of the whole trap a.k.a. Bootstrap.


9. Margo


Let's get back to the main question here. What do you need a HTML template for? Regardless of the purpose your new theme ought to fulfill, it's highly likely that Margo covers it. As a clean multi-purpose theme enhanced by the latest technologies, Margo's features can easily be customized to fit just about every business field. Though the full package costs, the lite version of the theme is free of charge. Both versions come with a fully responsive template, as well as a user-friendly mobile menu.

What's more, with over 30 available business pages, 10 homepage variations and several blog layouts, Margo essentially gives what life often doesn't. A choice. Numerous special features, such as add-ons, have been included in the Premium version because, hey, it's premium. See for yourself whether it's an investment worth the money trouble. The lite version won't utterly disappoint you, that's for sure.


10. Spirit8


We’re ending our list with spirit. Literally.

Coded by Jenn Pereira and designed by Robert Berki, Spirit8 is a pitch perfect choice for digital or agency website. If that’s what you came here for, you’ll see that it was worth scrolling down to the last item of this list. As soon as you download and customize Spirit, that is. Despite being a light theme, Spirit8 doesn’t lack the professional value. Quite the opposite, Spirit8 embraces the pro spirit and takes it’s on a whole new level of “striving for excellence” principle.

Naturally, it’s responsive 1/1 and user-friendly.


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