10 Professional Resume Templates to Help You Land New Job

Whoever said that first impression lasts totally hit the nail on the head.

In the harsh business world, the first impression is quite often a second that either lands you a dream job or a generic refusal letter. However, that second rarely has to do anything with your body (or verbal) language. On the contrary, the first impression in the employment zone is, in most cases, a piece of paper.

Its majesty – resume.

Though it's relevant for every type of profession, an impressive resume acts as the strongest tool for landing “that new” job in the creative industries. And what better way to impress a future employer than with a uniquely designed resume which shouts that you’re the person for the job?
Below you'll find ten templates that will either inspire you or equip you with a material for presenting yourself in the best possible way. You're welcome.

1. Info Resume

Info Resume

There’s not much science when it comes to infographics. Human beings easily digest its complex content. Aesthetically pleasing and eye catching, infographics have become of essential importance in the omnipresent marketing industry. Hence, if you’ve got a lot to offer, but don’t feel like boring company’s HR team to death, this easy-to- customize infographic resume might do the trick.


2. A Great Deal Resume

A Great Deal Resume

As its very title suggests, this one is a deal maker. Though it breads on professionalism, it has that innovative vibe without which seeking a job in the creative industry is rather pointless. It has a catalogue structure that makes browsing through your life far easier than you initially might have thought it would be. The layers and groups are neatly organized, thus providing you with a unique chance to, once in your life, put your things together. Politely speaking.


3. Stand Out Resume

Stand Out Resume

Standing out from the job-seeking crowd doesn't always require a pitch perfect work experience that is particularly relevant for the position you're applying for. On the contrary, sometimes all it takes is that “little something”, which proves that you’ve got what it takes to become marvelous in the new business role. That little something is often a tiny trait of personality and a resume like this one allows you to proudly flaunt it. Apart from being eye catching, it equips you with a chance to add a personal touch by customizing it, thus showing only the best of what you have to offer.


4. Nordic Style Minimalist Resume

Nordic Style Minimalist Resume

When one thinks Nordic style, one thinks minimalism. By uniting the power of black and white with statement elements, Nordic minimalism essentially embodies simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication. Therefore, if your goal is to present yourself as simple, yet thoroughly professional worker, this very resume or one of its Nordic kind will most assuredly make that first impression. Remember, first impressions last.


5. Clean & Colorful Resume

Clean & Colorful Resume

The influence certain colors have on human brain and its perception of the surrounding objects and phenomena is a knowledge worth knowing regardless of the industry you're working for. In the manner of speaking, bright colors are more successful in getting people's attention. Now, if you're applying for a position that literally everyone wants, your CV might get up to 2 minutes of HR team's time. In a situation like that one, a clean and colorful resume is just what you need for getting that „oh, look at this fellow“ moment.


6. Facebook Timeline Resume

Facebook Timeline Resume

Community managers, rejoice! If there ever was an ideal resume for social media content creators and influencers, this is it. The Facebook timeline allows you to paint a picture of a person who totally gets what boost is for and how powerful social media in general can be if one knows how to use them properly. Naturally, you're the one. Post it as a status and you're good to go.


7. Battery Resume

Battery Resume

Interested in showing that your battery is as rechargeable as Duracell's and that you can last up to 10 times longer than all of the other candidates? If so, you have stumbled across the right resume template. Apart from outlining the biography essentials on the front page, it provides you with a space for writing something catchy, which should put a stamp on your innovative approach towards business and life in general. Ta-da!


8. Press Kit Resume

Press Kit Resume

Hey, Mr. DJ, get up! But hey, before you get up, sit down and write down a resume that will get you entrance to each and every club on this wide world. As a matter of fact, a press kit template like this one suits the professional needs of performers and musicians of all sorts. Regardless of your inclination towards a particular music style, with the press as your story teller, the end will most certainly be a happy one. In the club.


9. BIG Resume

BIG Resume

Being Mr. BIG is not something you can buy, but a resume like this one might buy you the BIG impression you're seeking. Even if you don't get the job, one thing is certain. Your face shall be remembered for the rest of the company's time. Though it's overall rather simple, this format lets you unite your physical appearance with a few words that will prove that you're a lot more than just a pretty face.


10. Full Package Resume

Full Package Resume

So, you're a full package? All righty then, this is the one. An elegant resume plus a classy cover letter plus a creative portfolio equals the ticket that will launch your business ship to success. Naturally, a package like this one works only if you have plenty of relevant work experience and impressive skills for your respective profession.


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