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So, you either really need or simply want to know how your illustration or apparel design would look like when printed on a real piece of garment? Well, you have come to the right place. We've goggled and goggled and goggled until we have found the very best T-shirt PSD mockups this free market of Internet has to offer. Whilst selecting the items for our list, we've focused on those mockups that are both visually appealing and practically usable. And yeah, all of this preciousness is free of charge. However, that does not cut down their value. On the contrary. See for yourself.

1. Racy T-Shirt Mockups

Racy T-Shirt Mockups

Both shown from the front and the back, the two identical T-shirts have been laid out on a wooden floor, which undoubtedly adds to the photorealistic effect of these racy mockups. Though identical in terms of design, the shirts differ in color, thus allowing you to showcase the adaptability of your design to starkly contrasted colors.

However, due to being made with smart layers, you can easily change the colors of the shirts and adjust the intensity of the contrast so it could fit the nuances of your work. Finally, the creator of these racy mockups emphasized that you should check out the full size preview. And we're pretty sure the creator knows what he's talking about.


2. The Big Four

The Big Four

One is rarely enough, whereas four is just the right amount. If you concur with us on this one, there is no doubt that the Big Four is just your type of T-shirt design mockup. Featuring four different T-shirt colors, this mockup package displays a variety of backgrounds your design could add commercial value to.

If you decide to showcase your design with only one out of four offered scenes, don't forget to remind yourself of the emotions the featured colors embody. Yes, the whole package is easy to edit and customize in Photoshop, but no, the quality of your work can change neither the subliminal effect blue, red, yellow and green have on human brain nor the meaning they hold in various cultures.


3. Flat T-Shirt Mockup

Flat T-Shirt Mockup

Since its features are equal to the ones the first item on our list possesses, choosing these mockups over the Racy ones pretty much comes down to personal preferences. Once again, the PSD file showcases both sides of the T-shirt design.

The file has been created with the smart layers, which goes for saying that you won't have a hard time whilst replacing the featured design work with your own. The entire scene is highly realistic, which could be prescribed to the bright and wooden background. However, we did expect something a bit more twisting from a site named Graphic Twister.


4. Simply Creative T-Shrt Mockup

Simply Creative T-Shrt Mockup

If you like these mockups, then you should thank Antonio Padilla for providing you with a chance to freely use them for both personal and commercial work. Padilla has done a great job in creating mockups that form the harmonic relationship between the simplicity and innovation of graphic design.

Fully layered and with inventive perspectives, these mockups will take no more than a minute of your time before they turn into a very appealing presentation of your work. How come? Well, along with the adjustable background color, these plain, yet elegant mockups come with the option to add the texture of your choosing, thus suiting all of your design needs.


5. Pink & Easy

Pink & Easy

Believing that there aren't many colorful T-shirt mockups on the freebie market, one graphic designer decided something had to be done about it. What came out of this firm decision is a mockup that really couldn't be described as nothing less but colortastic. Along with being a vivid example of the power colors possess, these mockups are super-duper easy to edit, thus making your design life a whole lot easier or, to put it more nicely, less gray and more colorful.

Finally, it ought to be noted that the graphic designer that stands behind this work and goes under the alias JACKRED would very much appreciate if you would share this work via social media channels with all of your friends designers. If you like it and want to make use of it, that is.


6. Whole Set

Whole Set

Where to begin with this one? Well, let's just start by saying that it has pretty much everything a graphic designer might need or want from a T-shirt design mockup. Our team didn't name it the Whole Set by accident. It truly is a package that puts forth all the qualities of your apparel work and all the effort you put into it. First things first, it's fully editable and easily customizable via smart objects, but since you get these features with every single mockup, let's move onto the finer things.

Based on a set of ten arrangement settings, these mockups will open up to you in a blank empty mode, after which it will only take you seconds before you inhale your vision of designed garment life into them. Since all the mockups have been isolated on the transparent background, you'll get to easily add the color, the texture, the pattern or even image of your choosing, with light and shadows following all of these changes.

What's more, you can make these mockups totally unique by choosing one of the ready-made photo effects. At last, the whole set features a detailed PDF help file with screenshots, which will undoubtedly ease the process of making these mockups a lively representation of your own imagination.


7. Hanging


Designed in Photoshop CS6 with just a little bit of help from the golden smart objects, this T-shirt mockup is free for both personal and commercial use, but the link-back is obligatory. If you don't have a problem with that, click on the download button and make the most out of this high-res and highly realistic design starring T-shirts hanging on a wooden fence.

Not to forget, along with adding your own logo or typography, this mockup features the option to change the shirt color.


8. Girl, you'll get a T-shirt soon

Girl, you'll get a T-shirt soon

Just as there aren't many colorful T-shirt designs on the freebie market, so is the case with the T-shirt design for ladies. Fortunately for you, we did manage to find a mockup set that is a pitch-perfect choice for flaunting the work you worked so passionately on whilst having the graciousness of the female torso in mind.

The rules are the same as with the previous item on our list, which goes for saying that you ought to credit the author. Still, it's a small price to pay since we're pretty sure that this is the best female T-shirt mockup out there. As expected, the featured design can easily be replaced by using the smart layers, whereas the color can just as smoothly be replaced with the nuance that fits the vibe of your design.


As per usual, we couldn't stop at the number 10, which is why our team has dug out ten more T-shirt design mockups for which we shan't say a word, but rather let the work speak for itself. If you appreciate the effort we’ve put in creating this list, make sure you mark our blog on your daily web visits cause we promise – the best of Graphicberry is yet to come.

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