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Who runs the world? Social media.

Whether you personally like it or not, the fact is that social media has become an essential part of our everyday lives. What’s more important, it has become such a powerful tool for each and every form of doing. Basically, if it wasn’t posted, it didn’t happen. With that being said, shall we get to what you really came for?

Social Media Icons, also known as a Very Important Place on your website. It’s the place where you get to either attract a whole army of followers or further connect with the site’s current users.

You can give them a home on both header and footer, as well as the side bar. As long as you’re respecting the ground principles of the network’s visual identity, you can design them in any way you find to be the most efficient for attention grabbing. You can do a lot of things, but since you’re reading this article, you either don’t have the time or the good will to make some time for designing your very own social media icons.

Fortunately, there are designers out there that do. Here we present to you the very best social media sets we’ve found, hoping that you’ll make the most out of our effort.

1. Simple Flat

Simple Flat

Due to being simple and flat, this set featuring 20 social media icons is a creative solution for fulfilling all of your social-sharing needs. Made with 114 x 114 resolution, the set is retina-ready for iPhone 5.

Nonetheless, the icons can easily be resized, thus becoming usable for other mobile devices, as well as the web. Since the icons have been created with full-shape layers, the entire file is easy-to-edit, which goes for saying that you can make it fit your purpose without breaking a sweat.


2. Advanced Flat Social Media Icon Set

Advanced Flat Social Media Icon Set

It only comes as natural that the advanced flat set is featured after the simple one, right? As the title itself suggests, it’s the advanced version of the previous set, with 40 social media icons included. However, what makes them truly advanced when compared to the simple flat icons is not the quantity, but the quality. Applicable in both light and dark background of websites and blogs, these 40 mighty icons have the design strength for giving your web space a professional makeover. Finally, what you need to know is that the entire set is available in both Ai and PNG.


3. Premium Flat Social Icon Set

Premium Flat Social Icon Set

Just as it’s natural for an advanced to come after the simple one, so it’s natural for a premium flat set to follow the line. The set features 80 social media icons, with 40 being circle-shaped and 40 in the shape of a rounded corner.

When it comes to the sizes, there’s plenty of resolutions to choose from, with every being available in both JPG and PNG format. Now, we won’t list all the social media networks that have been made designful, but we will tell you that the set puts forth all the relevant ones and that every icon was named and grouped within the PSD file.

The entire package, counting all the alternate file sizes and formats, brings out 800 icons. However, if you want to have all of what Premium has to offer, you’ll have to pay for it. The free version lets you download only 20 icons of the premium flat supremeness. Still, it ought to be enough if you’re not on your way to color the wholeness of your site in social media colors.


4. Long Shadow Social Media Icon Set

Long Shadow Social Media Icon Set

Shadow, shadow on the wall, which social media icon is the prettiest of them all? Well, there’s no accounting for taste, but there sure is for practicality. Now, if you’re anything like us, you would most certainly consider the super-easy-to-edit Ai file with super innovatively designed icons a highly practical thing.

If not, well, there’s nothing else we can say but to continue scrolling. Among 23 items, there has to be at least one set designed so your taste buds can’t say “nah” to it.


5. Stamp Icon Set

Stamp Icon Set

There’s not much to say about this set apart from the fact that it’s simply genius. Combining the vintage spirit of the postage stamp with the urban vibe of the trending social media channels, the set features 20 icons which you can freely use in the empire of the world, commonly known as the web.

Though the artistic note, vividly flaunted in the sketch work, might not be an ideal solution for a business purpose, it undoubtedly fits the frame of a blogger striving to get his message across or a freelance painter making an effort to become more competitive on the ever-blossoming online market of creativity.


6. Ribbon


Often associated with raising awareness of the cause, the ribbon has essentially become a symbol of hope and support. And though it might be a bit of a stretch to connect the issue of cause awareness and the issue of website improvement, the fact is that, at most of the times, what we need from others is nothing but help and support. Regardless of what the problem really is.

With that being said, the Ribbon pack has been brought to the light of the day so all of your social-sharing problems could be solved in a split second. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the use of this set, featuring 18 social media icons, makes sense only when applied on white or at least light-shaded background of websites since that color combination is the only one visually appealing and conceptually balanced.


7. Nucleo


Forty social media icons. Three styles. Zero bucks.
In one word – Nucleo.
And as it’s often the case, the name pretty much sums the whole story you should be made aware of. The Nucleo set is pretty much like the cell’s nucleus. At first, it doesn’t seem to be particularly ingenious, but when you look at it just a little bit closer, you realize that it’s the very core which makes the whole system work smoothly.

All right, all right, it might not be that good, but it is simplicity of the social channeling at its best. And, if minimal, yet efficient is what floats your boat, search no more ‘cause you have found the icons your site has been desperately asking for.


8. Seven Great

Seven Great

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the set from tonicons.com could be described as a world of social media design on its own. In a manner of speaking, that is. Still, with seven different styles at your disposal, this set truly is a real bundle of joy for everyone in search of uniqueness. Since each and every icon from the set was made with vector layers, you can edit the icons in no time, as well as customize their colors in a single click. How cool is that? We know.

Bottom line is – if you’d like a unique touch of vector PSD and PNG social media buttons for your site, say “hello” to the great seven.


9. THE


We’ve saved THE best for THE end. Instead of going on about how truly magnificent this comprehensive list of the very best free-of-charge social media icons set is, we’ll let you get to that conclusion yourself. Mockups, websites or just about anywhere else, THE precious material of this package fits in like a damn glove.

Always being the good guys, we couldn’t help our urge to make our content truly relevant for all of our readers which is why we’ve decided to feature several more creative solutions for the space on your site you’d very much like to fill in with social media icons.


10. Trendy Stickers

Trendy Stickers

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