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Appearance matters. Why? Cause it sells every damn thing.

Regardless of what appears in front of your eyes, you won’t be taken by it if it’s not presented in a striking and memorable way. In that line of thinking, visual appearance is that first impression the business world can’t stop gushing about. It will either buy the viewer in a split second or lose him forever. The same goes for graphic design.

If your work doesn’t say “you know you want me” at first, it’s almost 100% certain that it won’t get the approval on the second glance. In order to present your work in the “you know you want me” light, what you’ll most certainly need is...

A mockup feed.

In this article, we’ve gathered free-of-charge PSD mockups which you can utilize for proudly flaunting the work you’ve done on logo design and lettering for shop signage. Naturally, we’ve chosen only the finest.

1. Signs & Facades Mockup

Signs & Facades Mockup

Have you ever heard of a guy named Vadim Sherbakov? If not, once you see the mockup set he provided the world of graphic design with, you’ll want to meet him and say “dude, you rock” or perhaps something more melodramatic like “our savior, we salute you”. Based on high-quality photos, the set features five mockups, with each being so fine that you’ll find it hard to choose the best one.

As you would expect it to be, each mockup PSD file comes with Smart Objects, thus making template-editing as facile as template-editing can be. Even if it does take your time, it’s sure as hell worth it because these store facades and hanging signs will unequivocally make your branding project seem as the best design solution EVER.


2. Glass Signage Mockup

Glass Signage Mockup

Adventure is just outside the window.

Advertising is everywhere.

However, in order to get your commercial art to the window, you’ll need to mockup it first. With a hipsterish vibe, this glass signage mockup is a rock-solid way to get your work to the glass of a commercial establishment. It sounds contradictory, we know, but just add your image inside the Smart Object and you’ll see for yourself that glass mockup can actually be rock-solid. With a highlighted photorealistic effect, this mockup is real stuff.


3. Window Signage Mockup

Window Signage Mockup

You’re doing your thing in Photoshop CS3+? (We didn’t plan this one to rhyme, but graphic design is totally like poetry, right?) Anyway, back to Ps. Featuring smart-object layers and seven different backgrounds, the window signage mockup “does its thing” the best in Photoshop CS3+ so if that’s your type, check it out. And yeah, the image quality is as high as the sky.


4. Vintage Framed Swing Mockup

Vintage Framed Swing Mockup

Walking around the old town of his city, a designer spotted a sign so enchanting that he couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. Being a designer, he couldn’t resist putting it in Photoshop, which resulted in a creation of a mockup that’s as the photo itself. Vintage, yet modern.

With every bit separated in smart layers, the mockup includes a hipster filter which enhances the vintage effect. The presence of Smart Objects makes editing super easy. Both logo and color can be customized, which goes for saying that you can effortlessly make it suit your style.


5. Super Nice Mockup

Super Nice Mockup

If you’ve loved the previous mockup on our list, you’ll probably like the Super Nice Mockup, as well, since it comes from the same graphic designer. As its title implies, it’s super and it’s nice and, what is far more important, it’s super easy to edit and nice enough to sell what you have to offer. Naturally, the PSD file has been energized by the supreme power of the Smart Objects.


6. Store Sign Mockup

Store Sign Mockup

Photorealistic. Distinctive. Layered.
That’s the Store Sign Mockup described in just three words. Due to being fully layered, you’ll need no more than three seconds to replace the featured logo design with your own. Along with offering a distinctive representation of your work, this photorealistic PSD mockup comes with a help file with tips such as this one – For the best results, replace design in the same pixel proportions as indicated in the file.


7. Outdoor Creativity Mockups

Outdoor Creativity Mockups

Listen very carefully ‘cause we shall say this only once.
1. Download the file and then unzip it.
2. Open both Photoshop and Illustrator.
3. Open the .psd file and click on the object_to_replace thumbnail.
4. Edit automatically opened smart object with Illustrator.
5. Save it. You're done.
Now, are you feeling ready to get all creative? Go ahead, feel free to make the most out of these PSDs.
P.S. If you need to change the background color, there are two turns you can make:
a) bg_color layer b) bg_greyscale layer


8. Good Deal Mockup

Good Deal Mockup

From Deal Jumbo comes a good mockup deal, with five PSD mockup templates included in the package. Free for personal and commercial use, each template can easily be customized and edited in Photoshop in order to suit your style. Nonetheless, as you can see it yourself, the entire package follows the same vintage aesthetics, which goes for saying that it’s designed for displaying a particular design allure. Have that in mind before you go through the download procedure.


9. Foursome Mockup

Foursome Mockup

One is rarely enough. On the other hand, four is just the right amount. With four views included, this mockup set will certainly, in the lack of better words, hit the client’s net. Due to the fact that the PSD file includes the beloved Smart Objects, placing the content is really nothing but a piece of a .psd cake. Essentially, all you need to do in order to make this freebie your own comes down to following through these two simple steps:

Double click the Smart Object.
Place your work and save.
Your work is ready to meet the world in brand new attire. Not to forget, you can also modify the background of the featured signs.


10. Door Signage Mockup

Door Signage Mockup

Use the Outdoor signage Mock Up to showcase you branding identity within a photo realistic environment, the PSD include smart layer for easy edit.


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