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Being a graphic designer often comes down to proving someone that your idea is worth a damn. Even though some people will never get the grip and understand the art of design, you can (and often must) prove the efficiency and the practicality of your work. That’s when the loyal friends of our community jump in to help.

Naturally, we’re talking about mockups here.

In this article, we have gathered ten golden, but free-of- charge, frame mockups for accommodating your poster design, which will save you hours and hours of working on your very own mockup template or googling the best ones. We’ve found them all.

1. Urban Poster Mockup

Urban Poster Mockup

Whether your piece of design ought to end up in a densely populated neighbourhoud or you’re working for a client that’s totally into modern vibe, this set of three urban mockups is just what you need. Since these mockups are based on photos of high resolution, the setting seems realistic enough for housing almost any type of graphic artwork. What’s more, the smart objects placed in these PSD files are easy to manage, thus making the customization a piece of cake.


2. Desk Poster Mockup

Desk Poster Mockup

Excluding the United States of America and Canada, the ISO A series is a paper size standard widely used across the globe. Though it’s not a general rule, most of the posters are printed in the A1 format. So, if your precious design is supposed to see the light of the day in the “59 cm x 84 cm” dimensions, you have come to the right mockup place. Showcasing a clean interior scene with a poster placed on the commode and leaned on the wall, this PSD mockup is an excellent choice if, for instance, you’re working on a movie poster design.


3. A Little Different Frame Mockup

A Little Different Frame Mockup

Though the project creator strongly emphasized that these mockups are not for commercial use, we felt that this article wouldn’t be complete without including a mockup for the sake of mockup. The “little different” package features 27 distinctive files in JPG format, but doesn’t include the automation. Hence, in order for these works to become of any use, you will need to put a little effort into it. True, it’s not practical, but, hey, we did outline that this one is l’art pour l’art.


4. Ornamental Poster Mockup

Ornamental Poster Mockup

So, you’ve got a poster for which you can proudly state that it’s nothing but fine art? Alright then. What you need is a decorative mockup that will embellish the artistic nature of your work. Both retro and ornamental, this mockup allows you to easily add your poster design by using the smart layer, as well as to choose between black and white for the colors of the featured frames.


5. Wallderful Poster Mockup

Wallderful Poster Mockup

For all the graphic designers out there, never give up, it’s such a wallderful life! Whether you’re working for an agency or for your very own self, there’s no way you’ll ever escape the ignorance of the clients who have no clue what graphic design is all about, but neither have a problem with commenting every step of your process.

When having to deliver a poster design to a client from hell, Wallderful mockup is a pitch perfect way to prevent any further discussion on the topic. With 3 common poster frame sizes, 3 frameless poster frames, as well as 7 texture variations for the poster frame, you can both flaunt your work with style and confuse the sh!t out of the soul-eating money giver.


6. Brick Wall Poster Mockup

Brick Wall Poster Mockup

Feeling like breaking that wall with the uniqueness of your design? Bursting with pride to prove that your work is not just another brick on the wall? Well then, this retro mockup will fit your need like a glove. Along with a high-resolution image of the brick wall, this PSD template comes with easy-to-modify colors, thus allowing you to adjust the color of the frame to your poster design scheme in no time. Voila!


7. Living Room Poster Mockup

Living  Room Poster Mockup

The very definition of a mockup implies that it’s nothing but a model for demonstrating the functionality of a certain piece of commercial art and acquiring feedback from clients. Now, since clients are rarely visual types capable of seeing the big picture and thinking out of the box, it’s always a safe choice to go with a mockup that’s as real as mockup can be.

Therefore, you can never go wrong if you choose a template that places your poster design in a real-life setting of the living room. Everyone can perceive the visual world of an ordinary living room, right? This particular mockup is easy to customize, which goes for saying that you can recycle it for the future projects.


8. Modern Poster Mockup

Modern Poster Mockup

Shall we twist the thing a little bit? Just like the previous template, the Modern mockup sets your idea in an ordinary living room. However, it spices the reality by splitting your visual art into three pieces. Twisting, right? Though it’s not highly practical, it’s most assuredly a breath of fresh air in a bunch of “a guy holding a poster” mockups. So, if you’re given the freedom to be just a little bit edgy, but not enough time to make your own mockup, this one will do you good.


9. Buddha Poster Mockup

Buddha Poster Mockup

If we were asked to describe the Buddha mockup in two words, we would go with “bright” and “light”. If your project essentially comes down to these two words, Buddha’s calmness is a pitch perfect choice for settling your graphic vision. Essentially, this template is a space and a place where you can freely be a graphic designer inclining to inspirational and motivational aesthetics. Not that we would recommend this style to anyone.


10. Package Poster Mockup

Package Poster Mockup

The last on our list is a mockup package which we gladly unwrapped in the serendipity of Ai and Ps. With five vector elements, this innovatively designed set of mockups is truly a gift from the graphic heaven. Undoubtedly, its greatest asset is the unique combination of styles. Regardless of the specific purpose of your mockup, it’s highly unlikely that the mix of grunge, folk and retro will miss the target. The elements creating distinct poster surroundings are carefully arranged and ready to meet your poster scheme.


If, by any chance, you’re searching for business card mockups, as well, search no more. Graphberry has already found a bunch of free photorealistic PSD business card mockups that will make your client feel like a Very Important Person.

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