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Jason Calacanis said that determination is the key ingredient for every entrepreneur. True, but in the light of our business, determination is often not the crucial thing a graphic designer needs to get the job done. What is far more useful is having access to a wide range of free mockups that will portray your design ideas in a “determined” manner.

1. Advanced Branding Stationery Mockup

Advanced Branding Stationery Mockup

The designer’s decision to name this stationary mockup “Advanced” was on point. Once you start exploring the arrangements and views featured in the PSD file, you’ll see it for yourself.

With as many as fifteen arrangements and views, adapting the “Advanced” stationary mockup to your client’s visual identity will most certainly not be a Hercules’ labor. On the contrary, since the file comes with Smart Objects, you won’t need more than just a couple of seconds to customize its content.

When it comes to the work itself, the designer has really made an effort, thus putting forth a highly professional mockup, as well as a detailed help file with screenshots for finding your way around.


2. Yum-Yum Branding Mockup

Yum-Yum Branding Mockup

Though it’s true that packaging doesn’t matter much if foodies don’t show any interest in the food your client has to offer, it’s also true that delicious food without a delicious packaging won’t get the company far. Since it’s highly likely that you’ll feel the taste of working for the yum-yum industry at least once in your career, we’ve found a food branding stationary mockup to showcase your work and satisfy your inner hunger for OCD designfullness.

So, if you’re feeling hungry for a food branding mockup, embrace yourselves. Wrapped up with smart-object layers, this station for foodies is just what you need to display the design you’ve been passionately working on. Probably with pizza on your mind. Since all the featured objects come separated, you get to play around a bit by changing the shadow angles and moving around the elements.

3. Fruity Branding Mockup

Fruity Branding Mockup

Following the vibe of the previous item on our list, the next one is a deliciously arranged mockup set featuring bananas, strawberries and, naturally, cookies and coffee. Though its strongest point lies precisely in the visual appeal of these goods, neither bananas nor coffee deprive the mockup of its purpose – to showcase the essential corporate branding or identity design in a highly professional manner. With just a little bit of help from Smart Objects, you can easily add your design, as well as customize the mockup to compliment with your artwork.


4. Luxury Mockup

Luxury Mockup

There is no doubt that the right use of colors in design can reinforce the message a certain brand is trying to communicate. In that line of thinking, the colors that ought to be used for writing down a whole essay on the topic of luxury are black and gold. With elements flaunting the brand’s essential components on a wooden table, this mockup is a pitch perfect vision for a client selling luxurious life.


5. Sporty Mockup

Sporty Mockup

At the end of the day, sports is just like any other business. If football wasn’t marketed properly, it wouldn’t have become the second most important thing on the world, right? It might be argued that branding is now even more important for the sports enterprise, with digital media playing a crucial role in selling what the industry has to offer.

Since we believe that the title we chose for this mockup says it all, we shan’t go any further. You can see it for yourself to whom this type of presentation goes to.


6. Minimal Mockup

Minimal Mockup

Minimalism is the pursuit of the essence of things. If this is the vision your creation is based upon, the mockups you’re seeking for are the ones below. With a perspective overview, these mockups are simple, yet efficient in regards to demonstrating the core elements of any business.

This one is 100% minimal, with only business card and a letterhead included.


7. Sound Mockup

Sound Mockup

Though the mockup’s designer suggested that this clean and high-quality package is suitable for just about any business enterprise, it’s self-evident that its components meet all the “visual needs” of a communications agency.

Anyhow, each template from the package is well organized, as well as fully customizable, which is why you’ll find its customization to be a real piece of cake. The sample logo, all of the texts and colors can be easily replaced with your own. What’s more, there’s a help file so you could swiftly get the job done.


8. Art & Craft Mockup

Art & Craft Mockup

With the globalization on the rise and Internet opening new perspectives every single day, arts and crafts have become a lot more than just a pastime activity. If one decides to devote oneself to field one’s particularly skilled in and invest some time into marketing the fruitage of one’s creativity, one’s passion towards creation can be a platform for a highly lucrative business.

Seeing that you’ve found yourself scrolling through these stationary mockups, you’re probably working in the creative industries and already know what it really takes to succeed in just about any business venture. Therefore, you are fully aware of the fact that investing in marketing starts with investing in the creation of visual identity.


9. Branding Identity Mockup

Branding Identity Mockup

This easy-to-edit and mockup is a bit more practical since it features not only the letterhead and business cards, but a folder, a hand book, a pen, a CD, an iPad Mini Air, as well as both sides of an envelope.


10. Less is more mockup

Less is more mockup

“Less is more” is the idea that sells. Minimalism can have a massive impact. If you need images to prove these statements, take a look at the mockup below. Just as the previous ones, this PSD file comes with smart-objects layers, thus allowing you to effortlessly adapt it to your design project.


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