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As the world of digital technology evolves, so does the world of a graphic designer expand to fill the needs of the ever-growing IT market. Undoubtedly, technological innovations are changing the way we live, think and, most importantly, work.

When you come to think of it, the work of modern design is entirely shaped by the innovative technologies. Since Apple has become a synonym for innovation with its “I” everything, most of the corporative business has been transferred to its fruity software. By designing and developing electronics that have come to dominate the globe, Apple Inc. has become an essential part of a graphically designed life.

Long story short, what you will most certainly need in your time as a graphic designer is an Apple Device mockup. Because you know well that in order to prove your client that you’re truly thinking different, you’ll need to mockup that idea first.

Since you probably have no time nor will to bother yourself with designing mockups for the sake of Apple, we have done the job for you. Below you’ll unravel ten innovatively designed mockups for all the products Steve’s team has come up with. Oh, not to forget, the best part about these unique templates is that you don’t need a dollar to get them.

Make use of them now, thank us later.

1. Insert Your Design Right About Here Mockup

Insert Your Design Right About Here Mockup

Though the lengthy title with the „Fat Boy Slim“ reference wasn't quintessential for introducing the first on our list, we thought it would vividly showcase the designfulness of this neatly layered PSD mockup.

The neat treat comes with Smart Objects, the well-known PSD image saviors, thus enabling you to effortlessly insert your design. The high-resolution images feature MacBook Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 laid out on a wooden table, which gives a touch of vintage elegance to the overall picture.


2. The DeskApple Mockup

The DeskApple  Mockup

This is how the story goes. Once upon a time, in the year of 2014, a French knight in a shining armor worked on designing his castle in 3D. There was a lot of modeling and rendering on his path, but in the end, the knight has found the solution to his design problem. Being a nice guy, the knight couldn't resist but to share his solution with the rest of his honorable fellows.

And we shall be ever grateful for he has enriched our lives with a template that is nothing but superb. Allegory aside, we are not kidding at all. Though he may not be designing in a shining armor, the unity of a 3D modeled apartment and Apple devices design truly shines bright like an armor.


3. Apple Family Mockup

Apple Family Mockup

If Bruno Mars had any clue how tough graphic design love is, there is no doubt that „Grenade“ would kick off with „Easy drag, easy drop” instead of „Easy come, easy go“. And if we were asked to describe the Apple Family Mockup in short, we'd go with that line.

But, since the „if/then“ of graphic design is not the topic of our article, let's get to the point. The set includes four realistic images featuring a bounty of Apple's smart devices. Set in the appropriate working environment, the template is easy to edit and in the mood to be reused for projects that are yet to come.

Even though it's not revolutionary nor particularly innovative, it's highly functional and practical. What's more, it's elegant. And what more does a designer in a deadline rush need?


4. Stationary Mockup

Stationary Mockup

Stationary Mockups might easily be our favorite type of mockups. Why you ask? Cause its concept gives you a unique chance to kill two birds with one stone, with the concept being the stone itself.

On one side, the neatly composed stations provide us with a vision that satisfies our given-by-nature OCD design disorder, whereas on the other, they set the whole scene for the most valuable asset of any brand – visual identity.

All thanks to one simple stationary mockup.


5. iPhone 6 Mockup

iPhone 6 Mockup

Slightly hipsterish, this mockup set puts at your disposal four Ps files starring iPhone 6. Apart from containing Smart Object that allow you to add your own screens, the files are equipped with photo filters so you could adjust the images to your respective design. Since the images are highly realistic, there's really no need for any dramatic editing with effects and filters, but, hey, whatever floats your boat.

And the boat of your iPhone-6-oriented client, that is.


6. iPad Mockup

iPad Mockup

So, you're saying that you're looking for a mockup that will unite yours and Apple's design into a breathtaking art work? You're on a search for a template that will shamelessly display your idea on its Royal Highness iPad? All righty then.

Though true artworks shouldn't be and often aren't freely shared across the World Wide Web, the designs below are solid enough to fulfill their purpose, as well as to fulfill your need. In regards to their practical use, each one is easy to customize due to being supported by the power of Smart Objects, whereas the quality of the designer's work is not to be disputed due to the simple fact that it's all free stuff we're talking about here.

Now, let's talk real. If your project requires a vivid, lifelike background, check this PSD piece out. Leonardo di Caprio stars in this picture motion drama, as well. That’s a plus, right?


If you had playing with colors on mind for your iPad design, this mockup template is a pitch perfect platform for goofing around with the photo filters. Just push the button and let the filter mood take all over you.


Do you need more? How much more? Would a triple dose of iPad design work for you?
Right then, below you can get it. There are three mockups here and yes, they're all absolutely free.


Finally, if none of these mockups meet neither your needs nor high standards, what about this one? You can't deny the hip vibe nor the retro charm.


7. Apple Watch Mockup

Apple Watch  Mockup

Whether you have it or not, Apple Watch has become the „it“ thing in the emerging fitness generation of the new age. Though our team is personally more into finding the perfect position for lazing about, it wouldn't have been fair if we had removed the WATCH from the list. Particularly because not all clients you’ll be working with are lazy as you are. As we are, that is.

Below you can check out two pretty cool templates for watching your design over.

Download orDownload

In order to escape the unpleasantness of publishing an ever-scrolling article, we shall rest our case here and leave you to feast your eyes with a couple more mockup templates for Apple devices. If you like what you see, you can get it for free. If not, design it yourself.

8. 14 Free PSD iPhones Mockups

14 Free PSD iPhones Mockups

9. Shadow Series Apple iDevices

Shadow Series Apple iDevices

Imagine if Apple actually decided to release a shadow series of all their iDevices? well, maybe that won’t happen anytime soon, unless your looking to spent $3k + on the new Power Mac?

Checkout this mock up I did, it includes an awesome dark metallic effect added to iMac, iPsd, and Macbook Pro, I included smart layer for you guy to add in your screenshot. Go ahead download the PSD from the download button below or checkout the HD preview by clicking on the thumbnails below.


10. iMac Mockups

iMac Mockups

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