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To design is to plan and to organize, to order, to relate and to control. In short it embraces all means opposing disorder and accident. Therefore it signifies a human need and qualifies man’s thinking and doing.

- Josef Albers, artist and educator

If you’re a designer in need to oppose disorder and accident within the borders of an A4 piece of paper, we’re glad to inform you that you have found yourself a place where your need is to be fuflfilled.

As part of the ISO A paper series, A4 format has become widely used across the globe. Measuring 210 by 297 millimeters or, to put it inches, 8.27 by 11.7, A4 size is a paper standard nowadays. The size of a paper doesn’t affect anyone as nearly as it affects the work of a graphic designer.
We get that.

And because we do, we have prepared not one, but 20 different mockup templates for displaying your stationary design, typography pieces and letterhead inside the beloved A4 box.

1. Textured Mockup

Textured Mockup

With its shadow falling upon the wall, the paper floats over a clean background, which you can easily adjust to your project due to the presence of a vertical layout. Furthermore, the vertical layout enables you to customize the paper’s shadow, as well as the design itself. As per usual, the mockup uses the Smart Objects so you could copy/paste your work in no time.


2. Pastel Mockup

Pastel Mockup

Having a high value in the HSV color space and a low one in regards to the intermediate saturation, pastel colors are often described as soft and milky. Due to its characteristics, its use in graphic design is generally aimed towards creating particularly soothing visuals. Nevertheless, its milky way is not deprived of a strong visual impact.

On the contrary, designs featuring pastels can be both neutral and striking. And if the designer knows his craft well, they often are. So is the case with this Pastel Mockup. Along with possessing the unique charm of “soft” art, the template is easy to customize since it features Smart Object layers, as well as different colors for background. Hence, adjusting these pastels to your canvas will be nothing but a piece of PSD cake.


3. Wood & Coffee Template A4 Paper Mockup

Wood & Coffee Template A4 Paper Mockup

As one of the most common elements in the design of mockups, wood and coffee have become quintessential in the art of presentation. At the same time rustic and casual, these mockups might not be of any grand artistic value, but there is no doubt that it’s precisely the simplicity of the concept in question that will make your idea stand out, and seem even more appealing than you initially thought it was.


4. Explosion Paper Mockup

Explosion Paper Mockup

What happens when the warmth of summer and the coziness of autumn jointly paint the canvas of a single mockup?

Shapes and colors start to speak for themselves, leaving the viewer speechless. The explosion of color in all design-related fields began in the 1960s as a result of technological advancement in color photography, print, as well as reproduction. To this day, colors remain fundamental to all design.

And the Explosion Mockup is here to once again convince you that colors can often tell more than a thousand words.


5. Flat & Peel Paper Mockup

Flat & Peel Paper Mockup

Containing two opposing paper styles, the open folded and the curled one, this mockup proves that contrast of any level truly makes design much more interesting. The elegance of the stationary scene is emphasized by the alluring colors of the clean background. However, if the color-blocking effect doesn’t correspond with the vision you had in mind for your project, you can easily change the colors, as well as the paper size.


6. Volume Mockup

Volume Mockup

Along with the Gravity Mockup which captivated us with the originality of its concept, Pixeden has released several more mockup templates for A4 paper designs, thus making the life of designers across the globe a whole lot easier.

The volumes below differ in styles, but not in practicality. Containing customibizle objects, these mockups will take no more than a split-second before making your design vision shine.

Our No. 1 pick was the out-of-this-world gravity. What is yours?


7. Gravity Mockup

Gravity Mockup

Just as all particles with energy gravitate towards one another, so have we been brought towards a template that’s out of this world. And just as gravitation gives weight to physical objects, so does its effect give height to the value of a designed object. It’s as simple as that.

Though it’s simply original, the Gravity Mockup is also simple in terms of its practical use. Due to the featured Smart Objects, you ought not to make any effort to add your design to the template. What’s more, the color of the background can be changed and adapted to fit your project’s color scheme.


8. Letterhead Mockup

Letterhead Mockup

Open the PSD file. Double tap the Smart Object layer. Replace the artwork and save. Done?
So is your letterhead design.

Starring an A4 canvas and color pencils, the Letterhead mockup can be of use not only for showcasing the design of commercial but artistic projects, as well. As seen on the images below, the template essentially embodies the term “simplicity”, which is, we all know, the highest form of sophistication. As in ordinary life, so in the work life of a graphic designer. The pencils certainly emphasize that impression, wouldn’t you agree?


9. Two A4 Paper PSD Mockup in One Design

Two A4 Paper PSD Mockup in One Design

Two A4 paper PSD mockup in one design to let you showcase different branding identity and stationery designs with ease. You just need to drag and drop your graphics on the smart layers.


10. Overhead A4 PSD Paper Mock-Up

Overhead A4 PSD Paper Mock-Up

This is a great overhead A4 PSD mock-up to showcase all your A4 letterhead and stationery designs with style. There is also included a pencil as a bonus.


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