10 Professional Assets to Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Nowadays, we’re used to seeing beautiful images online, and if you work in the design industry, you’re probably surrounded by amazing designs daily, that’s why when promoting your business, sprucing up your portfolio or sending samples of your designs to clients, having the right tools can make your design and promotion process much a breeze.

Placeit focuses on having a large library of mockups, design templates, logos and videos for you to choose from and many more are added daily for you to always have fresh visuals to spice up your brand’s social presence. All of these assets can be created and downloaded with Placeit in just a matter of seconds.

1. MacBook Mockups

MacBook Mockups

Displaying your UX/UI design on a MacBook can help your clients have some context on who the user of the design you’re working on might be. For example, this MacBook mockup of a businessman working at a café might work for a casual corporate setting design.

Display Your Website on a MacBook Mockup

2. T-Shirt Mockups

T-Shirt Mockups

When you have a t-shirt store online, a t-shirt mockup is a great way to showcase your latest designs, using mockups makes sense because you don’t have to spend money on printing your t-shirts and setting up photoshoots. Placeit has a large selection of models and scenes for you to choose the ones that go better with your brand.

Promote Your T-Shirt Design

3. iPhone Mockups

iPhone Mockups

Showcasing you app concept in a flat design is boring, but showcasing it on an iPhone mockup is a great way to contextualize your user and show them what type of app you’re going for. This one, for example, can work well to display a design or education app. Think of the possibilities, then make them happen!

Showcase Your App on an iPhone Mockup

4. iPad Mockups

iPad Mockups

A transparent iPad mockup can be perfect to display your designs on websites, online articles or blog posts. iPad Mockups, in general, are great to showcase your app’s UX/UI designs or the responsive version of your website design.

Customize This iPad Mockup

5. Hoodie Mockup

Hoodie Mockup

A hoodie mockup is a great way to promote your designs on social media in different settings and with many types of models. Also, offering a wide variety of products to your clients is a great way to boost sales. Best thing? No Photoshop or expensive photo shoots required when making mockups with Placeit.

Show Your Designs on a Hoodie Mockup

6. Online Logo Maker by Niche

Online Logo Maker by Niche

Placeit’s Logo Maker lets you select your business’s niche so that you can create a logo with icons and fonts that represent your industry without the hassle of hiring a designer. Do it yourself right here in your browser and get professional results!

Make a Logo for Your Business

7. T-Shirt Design Templates

T-Shirt Design Templates

With Placeit’s T-Shirt Design Templates, designing the shirt you’ve always dreamed of is as easy as picking out a template, writing in your text and selecting the graphics you want to go with it, as easy as that. Also, keep in mind that once you download a design from Placeit, you’re free to upload it to every Print On Demand site you want to, or to take it to your local printer and get it on a shirt!

Make a T-Shirt Design

8. Online Flyer Maker

Online Flyer Maker

The online flyer maker will let you create striking flyers to market your business, any special promotions you have or events that are coming up. Just type your information and download!

Make a Flyer Design

9. Social Media Image Maker

Social Media Image Maker

Brands everywhere struggle with getting images for their online channels but with Placeit you can have your social media on point in minutes.

Make Social Media Images

10. Text Animation Maker

Text Animation Maker

Finally, there are many text animation tutorials out there, but who has the time to invest in learning After Effects? The path of least resistance is using a text animation maker. Try this one out, or one of the many others available and take your brand to the next level with professional video content.

Make a Text Animation

The great news is you can download Placeit’s entire library of assets for only $29/mo with the Unlimited Subscription, and believe us, Placeit delivers on their promise of always having new and amazing stuff for you to make the most of, whether you’re looking to design brand assets or showcase your designs with mockups.

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