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In the business of visual merchandising, presentation is all that matters. Whether we personally like it or not, presentation is what sells. In order for you to convince the client that your graphic design is worth a dime, what you’ll need is a presentation that sells.

When one thinks of a presentation that sells, one thinks of mockups!

Hassle-free and easy to edit, the below-listed shopping bag mockups are just what you need if you have selling on your mind. There’s no doubt that, among these PSD mockups, you’ll find the one that will showcase your idea as the real deal.

1. Paper Mockup

Paper Mockup

Apart from being highly realistic, this paper shopping bag mockup is highly editable, thus allowing you to leave your client highly impressed. The layered PSD template features smart objects, which goes for saying that the nondestructive editing is coming your way. Furthermore, the colors of the inside and the outside of the paper bag, along with the handles, can easily be changed so you can smoothly adjust them to your design concept.


2. Pinktastic Mockup

Pinktastic Mockup

Aesthetically pleasing, this photorealistic mockup draws its charm from the eye-catching contrast of solid colors. The leaf leaves the viewer thinking that the product design is the epitome of natural elegance. Naturally, this point of view can’t be expected from every eye holder so think your target through before sending off this pinktastic mockup. Not to forget, it comes with separated objects, as well as shadows, so adding your work will be nothing but a piece of layered cake.


3. Shopping Bags PSD Template Triple Mockup

Shopping Bags PSD Template Triple Mockup

If you’re working for a client that firmly believes that less is never more, don’t enter a discussion about modesty because you’ll end up hitting a brick wall. Instead, sip them a triple portion of your bag design and prevent any further argument. Since the set’s allure primarily comes from the power of color blocking, the project creator enabled the color customization so you can easily match them to the client’s brand identity and the merchandising target audience.


4. Plastic Mockup

Plastic Mockup

Though it’s a common knowledge these days that non-compostable polybags take centuries to degrade, they remain the most common form of packaging worldwide. In attempt to act sustainably and under pressure from the environmentalists, many companies started using different sorts of biogradable pouches. Whether you’re eco-friendly or not, it’s highly probable that, at least once in your career, you’ll be forced to wrap up your design in a plastic bag. If and when that happens, this freebie will take the weight off of your bag. Back, that is.


5. Black Mockup

Black Mockup

Black was and always will be the new black. It is what it is. The darkest color of them all, black illustrates the unity of formality and elegance. Likewise, black epitomizes authority and strength. Therefore, if you want or need to make a strong impression with your shopping bag design, this PSD blackness will fit like a glove. Along with being visually appealing, this form is easy-to-use so fitting it to your needs ought not to be laborious.


6. Eco Shopping Bag Mockup

Eco Shopping Bag Mockup

Ecology and commercial art can and should go hand in hand. Provided that you’re carrying out a task for an environmentally conscious client, this organic eco fabric mockup will undoubtedly emphasize the ecological nature of your artwork. Editable via smart objects, this PSD package comes with separated objects and shadows, as well as changeable background. Moreover, the set features a help PDF file so finding your way around won’t be difficult at all.


7. Cotton Bag PSD Mockup

Cotton Bag PSD Mockup

Following the vibe of a previous mockup, the next one on our list is a cotton bag hanged on a changeable background. Despite the fact that cotton bags have become a rare sight in the shopping malls, these eco-friendly carriers still haven’t died out as bag species. Along with four pre-made backgrounds to pick from, this high-quality mockup template lets you customize the depth of the shadows, thus giving you a chance to recycle it for the projects to come.


8. Handbag Mockup

Handbag Mockup

In regards to the purpose of a shopping bag mockup, we might go as far as to state that this mockup template is simply the best. Why? Well, shoppingholics rarely do their thing with an ordinary bag. When they go hunting for the goodies, they do it BIG. Ergo, when convincing a client in the quality of your art and when in need of portraying shopping itself as a form of art, a handbag mockup is just what you need to hit two flies with one BIG slap.


9. Realistic Shopping Paper Bag Mockup

Realistic Shopping Paper Bag Mockup

Both modern and chic, this mockup enables you to flaunt your packaging design in a realistic surrounding that elevates the overall impression. The vase with flowers brightens the whole picture, thus making the entire scene bright and beautiful. As all the above-described mockups, the realistic one is also easy-to-use and easy-to-customize so you can effortlessly modify it to the visual identity of your client’s merchandising brand.


10. Handheld PSD Mockup

Handheld PSD Mockup

When in a mockup doubt, give a human touch to it. Corresponding with the functionality of the product in question, a mockup featuring a person holding a bag is never a wrong choice since it realistically demonstrates the practical use of the design you’ve invested your time in. Aside from being real and true, the handheld mockup offers a bunch of options for editing and adjusting the design to your own. Hence, you can edit the design and the color of the bag, move the model and change the color of the wall and the floor, as well as the image itself.

Since we firmly stand our ground on the idea that tastes cannot be disputed, we’ve decided to list a few more mockup templates in order to show respect to different tastes and design preferences. If, among all these freebies, you don’t find the aesthetics that pleases the high standards of your demanding client, we would warmly recommend you to design your own mockup and to charge the client extra for the rush job.


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